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Welcome And What The Heck Is This Site All About?

I’m Dr Erik Johnson and I’ve been keeping fish, and ponds for a very very long time. And over the years, I’ve appreciated it when someone would share an “in” with me. Something that makes my life easier or saves me some research. Here’s an example, “Silicone Rubber airline tubing makes your job so much easier because it doesn’t float, and it has almost no “memory”  – – —   So I bought it, and I’ve never used vinyl airline tubing again. And you shouldn’t either. So in this web site I’ve gathered up everything I use at home. The same foods as me, the same aerators, nets, fishroom supplies, feeder mice, lights, filters, accessories, tests – –  you name it. If it’s on Mailorderpet.com it’s also at my house.

If you check out the page, on the right column of every page there’s a listing of categories containing fish stuff. It’s pretty straight forward. You might notice there are no reefchillers, halide pendants or protein skimmers. That’s because I don’t use any. I never used them, I don’t know the brands, and specs and I don’t have anything on here that I’ve not used personally.

So all this site is, is a place to get what you need on the advice of a  very experienced hobbyist and fish veterinarian, without buying a mess of useless junk, first.

Hey it gets better than this:     You can go to “trusted medicines” and pick medicines by and for exactly what parasite they kill. Neat, huh? Check it out.

If you wanna kill ciliates and flukes in most water temperatures, choose Mardel Clout

How To Use Clout for Flukes and Ciliates: Video

If you wanna kill ciliates and flukes in only water under 80 dF; choose Clout or Formalin Malachite.  (Never use Formalin in warm water, over 78-80 dF)

If you just wanna kill Flukes, click here.

If you have to kill Anchor Worm, Fish Lice or Gill Maggots, click for IGR’s to Kill Anchor Worms.